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Slides 2 Video is open source software! Download it free at Sourceforge.  Even get the code and edit it if you like.


With Slides 2 Video, it's easy as pie to create professional looking video from still images!

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Slides 2 Video is a Java application for taking digital images and turning them into video, complete with titles, transitions, motion, and a soundtrack.
* Slides 2 Video can create a DVD-compatible video (.vob) file. Additional software required for authoring it to DVD. May we suggest Q-DVD Author which is likely included in your Linux distribution?
** Additional software required for combining videos. May we suggest Kino which is likely included in your Linux distribution?



Add motion to your slideshow by zooming in or out from one part of an image to another. Use this effect to focus in on a particular part of an image or create a Ken Burns-like scene. Add other motions by panning the entire image in any direction, left, right, up, or down. Use this effect to show an entire panoramic photo, to make scrolling credits, or just to add some motion to a slideshow.

Zooming Demo Panning Demo
Original video created as a 376x232 (fib3) MPEG4.
Converted by Google?
Original video created as a 376x232 (fib3) MPEG4.
Converted by Google?


Crossfade, zoom, or wipe from one image to the next. Add blanks to a slideshow and crossfade to or from them for a fade out or fade in effect. Combine transitons with motion for a continuously moving picture.

All the following videos demonstrate fade in and fade out at their beginning and end, respectively.

Crossfade Transition Demo Zoom Transition Demo
Original video created as a 400x326 (Custom) MPEG4.
Converted by Google?
Original video created as a 400x326 (Custom) MPEG4.
Converted by Google?

Wipe Transition Demo
Original video created as a 400x326 (Custom) MPEG4.
Converted by Google?


Insert title slides in any location to add some commentary or credits.

Title Slide Demo
Original video created as a 400x300 (Custom) MPEG4.
Converted by Google?


You have complete control over the timing of the slides in your video. Specify the precise moment when a slide should appear or transition. Set the duration of each slide individually. Even scale the entire length of the video to match the length of the soundtrack with one click of the Enter key!


Complete your video by adding a soundtrack. It's as simple as clicking on the mp3 or other sound file. Mix your recorded voice, your favorite songs, sound effects, or recorded broadcast (only with permission, of course).*

Soundtrack Demo
Original video created as a 400x300 (Custom) MPEG4.
Converted by Google?

* Slides 2 Video only allows the addition of a single audio file. Additional software required to mix multiple sources of audio into a single soundtrack. May we suggest audacity which likely comes with your Linux distribution?



Include all of your .jpg, .gif, or .png images automatically. Have images in RAW or .tiff or other format? Use the GIMP* to convert them to one of the three available input formats! The GIMP can read and convert virtually any graphics format.

Most sound files may be included as well, but if you happen to have one that isn't recognized, you can likely use audacity to convert it to something that will be understood [see Soundtrack].

*The GIMP is especially powerful image editing software available at It is also likely included in your Linux distribution.


Output your final video to a DVD-compatible .vob file, a Flash video .swf file, a generic MPEG2 .mpg file, a Quicktime MPEG4 .mp4 file, or a Windows Media WMV .avi file. Use a .vob file if you intend to put your video on DVD for play through a standard DVD player. Use a .swf file if you intend to stream your video online. Use one of the other formats if you only intend to play the video from a computer.

DVD-compatible video may be produced in fullscreen or widescreen using either NTSC or PAL format. Flash and MPEG video may be created at virtually any resolution. Choose one of the 30 default resolutions, or customize to any dimensions you like!


Flash banner ad
Embed Flash video in a webpage with ease! This video was created as a 500x100 (Custom) Flash video. It is embedded in this page using the code
<embed src="BannerAd.swf" loop="true" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" height="100" width="500">

Vacation Video Documentary (coming)
If you find this video boring, it's because you weren't there; you don't know the people who were there; and you don't know the story behind the photos! Vacation videos are cool. The people next door...Are they just the average American family they seem to be? Or not? Find out in this inside investigation.
Original video is a DVD-compatible NTSC format .vob with 6 channel surround sound. Modified by Google.

Music Video (coming) Photo Showcase
I Wanna Be With You
Level 9
Have a few photos you want to showcase? How about this? Of course you'll want to create a hi-res video and play it fullscreen--not this tiny 400x300 low-quality streaming type video. This is just an idea demo after all.
Original video created as a 400x300 (Custom) MPEG2.
Converted by Google.

Instructional Video Trailer (coming)
Find out how the Slides 2 Video Flash banner ad was created. OK, so this one is boring. You can do better. But at least it may give you some ideas and you'll find out how to create a Flash banner ad if you watch it. Trailer for the Paris vacation video.
Original video created as a 640x480 (vga) MPEG2.
Converted by Google.


Click images for full resolution.
Working on the soundtrack demo. Working on the pan demo. Creating the pan demo video.

Download and Installation

All files from this project can be downloaded from sourceforge. Videos are created and multiplexed using ffmpeg. Therefore ffmpeg must also be installed in order to use Slides 2 Video. Installation instructions and more information on this dependence can be found in the README.
NEW! Installer now available for (K)ubuntu users. Get it at the download page. Unpack it, then drag and drop the installation script on the penguin! It's that simple.


Several features are still under development. For example, subtitling for DVD-compatible videos, credit slides, and text overlay are items on the agenda for future releases. Further suggestions may be made by submitting a feature request on the tracker page. You can also submit bug reports (if there are any to report... :) ) on the same page.

Feedback needed. The latest release was made Windows-friendly, but without a lot of testing. Does it work? Feedback on features and feature requests for the Linux version are also always welcome. Send all comments and suggestions to

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